Practice Development Groups

Another way for professionals to advance their mastery of their subject is through our Practice Development Groups. Here, practitioners from the same field or discipline (e.g. psychology, engineering, medicine) with similar levels of expertise can learn from and support each other to further develop their expertise while we guide and supervise the learning and development process.

In a recent example of a Practice Development Group facilitated and supported by Louise Robb Associates, a group of facilitators of national standing in the UK had found that attending workshops and courses was no longer giving them the shift in their professional development that each member sought. A common aim amongst the group was to develop the ability to affect the field and to influence peers in the facilitation profession. A small, committed group of 6-8 practitioners decided to come together to explore their own development and find innovative, ground-breaking ways of developing their own practice and mastery of the subject. The group’s work also had a wider impact and reach beyond the group as members incorporated the group’s findings into their work and their own organisations.

If you would like to learn alongside a group of similarly knowledgeable peers we would be delighted to discuss how we can help you to establish and run a Practice Development Group in your chosen field of expertise.

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