On our facilitation workshops, we invite you to learn, grow your skills and develop mastery in facilitation yourself. Our programme of workshops and courses on Facilitation Skills includes the following:

Facilitating Good Meetings (1)

A two-day course on the basics of facilitation, to help you get started. Topics covered include:

  • Basic facilitation planning and preparation
  • Openings – The Work – Closings
  • Using open questions to lead conversations towards an outcome
  • Group facilitation skills and managing meetings

Facilitating Group Dynamics (2)

A three-day course for facilitators with some experience, to help participants take their skills to the next level. Topics covered include:

  • Group dynamics
  • Developing a facilitation tool box
  • Beginning to handle yourself in conflict situations

Integrative Advanced Facilitation (3)

A three or four day course for more experienced facilitators. Topics covered include:

  • Building your integrative facilitator model
  • Introduction to dialogue
  • Models for team and group development
  • The somatic intelligence in facilitation and dialogue
  • Advanced level scoping and contracting

Outdoor Facilitation Skills

This course uses the outdoor environment and work on physical intelligence to boost the energy of group work. The course can be tailored to suit your specific needs and situation. Largo Facilitation Centre has a team of outdoor specialists who will work alongside Louise Robb to design and deliver your bespoke programme.

Adventure Team Development

We can offer a range of appropriate tools for adventure teams seeking to work more effectively together and understand each other better before embarking on “high stakes” adventures around the world.

The Facilitative Trainer / Teacher

On this course, you will learn a range of skills and tools that enable you to become a masterful teacher in your own specialist field of expertise.

Somatic Intelligence

An intrinsic part of the work we do is embodiment work, that is, learning to use the wisdom of the body. If we study the body’s pattern of stress responses of flight, flight and freeze, we can recognise the beginnings of stress before it gains a full hold and learn to apply a simple technique that restores us to a more centred and resourceful state of mind and body. This enables us to build resilience by adjusting our responses to everyday situations that may have caught us out in the past.

But my situation is different…

We can also work with you to develop a workshop or programme tailored specifically to your situation and needs.

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