Client Comments

“I have worked with Louise for many years, off and on, and it is always great to re-connect with her, and the thoughtful, sensitive work she does.  Organizational and personal development with Louise is characterized by her down-to-earth authenticity: certainly that but always also with a smile and a light, deft touch that makes learning with Louise such a pleasure, as well as a fascinating voyage of discovery.” – Karen Niven, Shell

“Louise is someone who continually seeks to develop herself, and who works at a much deeper level than many trainers.  She is naturally intuitive and deeply aware of her participants as individuals with specific needs, and speaks to those.  I can truthfully say that I find her quiet confidence, her obvious passion for her subject and her generosity of spirit in sharing her experience and expertise both refreshing and inspirational – and I don’t use that word lightly.” – Liz Tayfun, Geneva Chapter, IAF

“The way that Louise works with groups, and individuals within groups is really very special.  Over the years I have seen her nurture and support people so that they blossom.  When I think of Louise’s style, what immediately comes to mind is peace, compassion and understanding – she encourages people to be themselves,  and to be incredibly proud of all they can achieve.  Where Louise is unique is in the strength and resolve that sits alongside her gentle nature.  She has enormous gravitas; owning a room with a single word to bring quiet and reason to any situation.  Louise’s method sticks.  When people leave a room after working with her the changes stay forever.” – Nikki Lebedis

“Louise Robb is an excellent facilitator who works with resourcefulness and imagination to generate spaces that inspire individuals, teams and groups to work effectively and collaboratively in achieving the goals of a business.   Louise has belief and conviction in the power of people engaging purposefully in creative and honest dialogue.  She personifies meaningful engagement and this is the spirit she brings in her mission to free the potential of people and organisations.  In working with Louise, you will gain a committed partner who will work with enthusiasm and energy to facilitate you in achieving your goals.” – Paul Cummings, theODpeople

“One of the best facilitators I’ve had the privilege of working with” – Andy Ewens, Amec

“Louise came to deliver a session to our University Tennis players who were looking for help and strategies to allow them to play more freely and with less stress. Louise’s style of presentation was perfectly pitched for those who attended.  She managed to bring out plenty of honest self-reflection from the students and encouraged them to all contribute in their own way.  The main focus was on learning to become ‘centred’ through breathing and be set for the next point and/or shot.  The students put the strategies in to practice on court and all fed back to me that they were looking forward to practising these strategies more and that their game would benefit by doing so.  Several of the players also commented that they would be able to use the ‘centring’ in other aspects of their lives.  For our first session with Louise, I feel we learned a lot about ourselves and how to become centred.  We are looking forward to having Louise back for follow-on sessions.” – Mike Aitken, University of St Andrews

“In my capacity as Chairman of St Leonard’s School I have used Louise on two occasions, both for strategy days, and their success has in large measure been down to Louise.  She has a rare way of deftly getting to the heart of issues and then teasing out the essentials for more detailed discussion. In this she successfully involves everyone and the result is much easier decision making.  She seems to effortlessly get everyone to open up and confidently speak out.  At the end of the day she leaves you with a clear path ahead with established objectives and positive outcomes.  What more can one want!” – James Murray, St Leonard’s School

I have known Louise for over 10 years where she has supported me with both personal coaching and providing development support to creating high performing teams. Her nurturing approach seeks to build on strengths to get the best from individuals and she provides challenge and development by creating a safe and trusting environment. She is one of our team and I couldn’t recommend her more highly! – Nina Schofield, Wood

I have had the benefit of working with Louise for a number of years. Louise’s approach has “opened my eyes” in terms of impactful teams, dynamics, behaviour and leadership. She has a unique and thoughtful way of exploring, challenging and coaching groups towards a path of high performing teams. She is a talented facilitator, coach, trainer and mentor. I believe that her techniques make a real difference at both the individual and team level because I have experienced both! – Linzie Forrester, Wood

I worked with Louise in one of my previous companies, co-facilitating training courses. She is a true professional with outstanding facilitator skills, and is passionate about her job. She likes to challenge her course participants and herself (and her co-facilitator!). Louise is always seeking to improve and though is very well organised, she does not shy away from improvising. Not to forget to mention she has a very warm personality, and is always genuinely interested in other people – and this is not only because of her background psychology. I have learned a lot from Louise, and I hope to work with her again in the future. Or at least meet her again, as a friend. – Cees de Regt, DNV GL Oil & Gas

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