Keith Partridge

Keith Partridge’s life as a film-maker, speaker and adventurer continues to be no easy ride. Capturing the essence of adventure in some of the worlds most hostile and spectacular places has pushed him to places where success comes from strong team-work, solid risk management, extreme levels of motivation and dynamic leadership.

Whether it’s getting winched onto a tiny ledge on an icy, mile-high mountain face, pushing into uncharted territory deep underground in the white water caves of Papua New Guinea or wading through the swamps in the Amazonian rain forest searching for venom Keith has always had to dig deep into his own psyche to succeed on his filming adventures. Through the course of his career he has poked his camera at top mountain athletes and characters from the climbing world, an international football legend, scientists and ‘Joe Normal’ who just wanted to peer over that edge into the face of terror, awe and possibly some form of enlightenment.

Just being part of an adventure is exciting. Filming the whole enterprise adds something else; think ‘playing pass-the-parcel blindfold with a hand-grenade’. You have no idea when, where or who will have it when it goes off. But no matter what, you have to capture that moment on film. Call it luck, a sixth sense or a befriending of those demons that conspire against a certain outcome, Keith’s work continues to transport armchair adventurers on their own white-knuckle journeys. Being out there, camera in hand is about following a passion for wild places and enjoying the company of others who share that same spirit of personal exploration.

Productions have notched up dozens of international film awards, three BAFTAs and an INTERNATIONAL EMMY. In 2004 Keith was presented with the International Explorers Festival ‘Camera Extreme’ Award for his work on the documentary feature film of Joe Simpson’s ‘Touching the Void’.

In 2012 he was awarded an EMMY for Outstanding Cinematography for the series ‘Human Planet’. In that same year Keith was climbing Mount Everest with mountaineer Kenton Cool. Together they fulfilled an 88 year old promise to place an Olympic Gold medal on the summit.

Keith’s previous clients have included:

  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Insight Out – International Conference, Berlin
  • BBC National Training
  • Royal Television Society
  • Town and Country Planning National Summer School
  • Royal Geographical Society
  • International Explorers Festival, Poland
  • Big Screen Premiere of ‘Beckoning Silence’
  • RAF Mountain Rescue
  • Tyneside Cinema
  • Dundee Mountain Film Festival
  • Kraft Foods Europe
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