About Us

Our aims are to do purposeful facilitation and to develop great facilitators.

The whole person

We do this by working with the whole person – not just by imparting skills but also on developing the use of any or all of the four intelligences – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

We support participants to work through the stages of development in Kantor’s renowned model, from “realising self” to “showing up” to “occupying the ground” to influencing peers and “affecting the field.”

Might we work with you?

Participants come from a broad range of backgrounds – engineers, project managers, lead engineers, HR, IT or any role which draws on the competency of facilitative leadership.

Participants may also be independent facilitators, coaches or consultants who are looking for a supportive learning environment in which to develop the whole person.

Your programme is unique

You know only too well that your circumstances are unique!  Every Louise Robb Associates project is carefully tailored to meet your needs. We will take whatever time is required (at our cost) to listen to your needs.
The programme we create for you might involve:

  • imparting the skills of facilitation;
  • working with group dynamics;
  • helping you to manage or facilitate high stake situations by supporting the drive for meaning, connection and congruence;
  • enabling greater awareness of the information the body gives us in the present moment through Aikido or mindfulness meditation

To find out more about how we might help you, please see Our work.

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