At Louise Robb Associates, we are committed to supporting individuals during these difficult times. We have a strong focus on coaching individuals in the private and business spheres, to help you to get back to work. We all face challenges and changes to the structure of our daily personal and work lives as we adapt to the new normal in the midst of the pandemic.

To this end, we are offering Coaching with the body in mind. We tailor this coaching to meet the needs of individuals, so whether you are seeking support on a Personal level, or as a Business Employee, an Executive, or as a whole Team, we invite you contact us for an initial conversation (inquiry@louiserobb.co.uk).  For further information, please click here


We are remaining fully operational and able to support our clients to step up to the current challenges as many of us are now adapting to home and virtual working. Our training and facilitation services can be delivered online in our Digital Training Room; we use Zoom for this because it is universally available, accessible for free, and reliable, however your own preferred virtual meeting package can also be utilised.

We have the capability, dynamics and technology to help you and your team to be resilient and creative in the face of challenges, whatever the weather.

If you are looking for expertise in the following fields:

we would be very happy to talk about how we might help you – or your team – to progress. Our work sets out the range of services we offer in more detail.

We will work alongside you and your people to get you where you want to be with ease. That’s what facilitation is about.

Contact us for further information at any stage of your thinking or see our short video on this page for further insight into our approach.

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