Purposeful Facilitation

At Louise Robb Associates our aims are to do purposeful facilitation and to develop great facilitators. We support people in learning how to work together differently by introducing them to a range of skills, tools and processes that will enable them to move the work forward.

From our academic and experiential background, we have expertise in guiding those further along their professional journey to integrate their existing knowledge and experience with facilitation at its higher levels.

We can help you or your team to be resilient and creative in the face of challenges, whatever the weather.

If you are looking for expertise in the following fields:

we would be very happy to talk about how we might help you – or your team – to progress. Our work sets out the range of services we offer in more detail.

We will work alongside you and your people to get you where you want to be with ease. That’s what facilitation is about. You can visit our world class location here at the Largo Facilitation Centre in Scotland, or we can come to your chosen location. Contact us for further information at any stage of your thinking or see our short video on this page for further insight into our approach.

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